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PRIVATE LESSONS – for 1 student
Our team of swim instructors have discovered through years of experience that private swim lessons are the most effective, productive and cost-efficient way of learning to swim. Your child isn’t distracted by peers, and is better able to focus on the teacher’s instructions so that progress is maximized. Rather than just getting a few minutes of individual attention spread out over a long time, this makes it possible to get your child water safe and learning the strokes in an intensive session of 5 to 10 swim lessons!
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SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS – for 2 students
Sometimes students at similar levels can learn to swim well together, since they tend to motivate each other by example and healthy competition. This often works best for siblings and friends. (It's also more affordable on a per-child basis.) Call or email one of our offices for more information on Semi-Private Swim lessons.
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MOMMY/DADDY & ME – Swim lessons for infants
These swim lessons are particularly great at getting babies acclimated to the water and making them look forward to swim lessons. Of course we use lots of games, songs and props (floating & water-squirting toys) to engage your child in a way that makes getting used to the water a fun experience. The main benefit to starting out at such a young age is to prevent a fear of water from ever developing, so that swimming will become a safe and pleasant activity for your child. We strive to get your baby water-safe as soon as possible, and to have a healthy love and respect for the water.
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We also offer swim lessons to adults!

Our experienced, patient instructors can work at your individual pace to overcome any apprehension or fear that has prevented you from learning to swim in the past. Hundreds of adults have benefited from our concentrated one-on-one swim program to progress safely and comfortably in the water. Generally speaking, an intensive session of just 5 one-hour lessons will yield results that make it possible for you to never again have to say, “I can’t swim.”

Got questions? Don’t hesitate to call or email.

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Aquasafe private swimming lessons will knock your socks off! Here’s why:

Save Time + Money
Our private swim lessons enable the swim instructor to focus all of the attention on your child, so learning to swim happens much faster.
Learn to swim at YOUR Pace
We accommodate your schedule and your child’s ability with swim lessons that provide amazing results! We offer weekly, 2x weekly, 3x weekly to our ``intensive swim program`` which is 5x/week for 2 weeks.
Learn to swim at Home
Our swim instructor can come to you, so that your child learns to swim in the privacy and convenience of your own home pool!
  • "My son was swimming in just two days. It was extraordinary! He's learning by leaps and bounds. I'm amazed!"
    May, Palm Springs - Mother of Danny, age 4
  • "Riley totally learned how to swim this summer. She swims across the pool now, and I’m amazed."
    Holly Leff-Pressman - Universal Television Executive
  • "Our teacher was really great...and he always showed up 5 minutes early. Charlie learned a lot, and made great strides this summer."
    Tim Trepany, Brentwood, CA - Father of 6-year-old